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Sustainable strategies that can reduce water costs by 25-30%

Measure, Monitor, Manage and Maintain

Water use is essential to life and is also a resource that needs to be managed carefully. Water rates are regulated by each municipality, making it difficult for water users to improve their rate.

We offer an innovative solution for controlling building water usage with our Smart Water Management Program. Our program addresses areas of most concern to facility owners, including:

  • Leaking and running toilets
  • Flooding in boiler rooms, elevator shafts, other areas
  • Supply-side management with a flow management device (FMD)
  • Residential suite metering
  • Real-time monitoring and notification software (leak detection services)
  • Water conservation services

Our review and analysis of your current water consumption will provide solutions to reduce water costs at each of your buildings.

Through our industry partners, various solutions are available and can be provided through solutions where you enjoy 100% of the savings.

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