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Electricity strategies to meet your budget and sustainability objectives

Electricity markets are complex; some deregulated with numerous supply options, while others have regulated tariffs that offer choice and present opportunities for cost improvement. By working closely with clients, we help them find the right solutions that fit their specific needs in terms of risk tolerance, cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Open Market Supply Options

In many regions across North America, electricity prices fluctuate in response to shifts in supply and demand. This creates extreme volatility that necessitates a risk management strategy.

We customize risk management strategies that alleviate risk through careful planning and selection of suppliers who will provide the best fit and partnership for electricity procurement in their region(s). We also develop a risk management strategy that meets each client’s budgetary guidelines. Exclusive forecasting models have been created to provide insight into future market trends, enabling us to inform clients when and if they should hedge their electricity rates and for what portion of their load and for what period of time.

Ontario Class A Peak Prediction Services

We work with clients to reduce electricity usage during key time periods, typically during the hottest days of summer or coldest days of winter. Through the Ontario Government’s Industrial Conservation Initiative coincident peak Class A program, customers who opt to lower their contribution to the highest provincial demand hours can benefit greatly from lower Global Adjustment costs.

Our Class A peak notification alerts use En-Pro’s exclusive statistical models that determine in advance when these demand responses will be needed, giving our clients ample time to achieve a successful curtailment of their load. A secondary benefit is the enablement of grid reliability and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Ontario Multi-unit Residential Electricity Services

Multi-unit residential electricity customers have many rate options and are able to move between regulated residential rates and open market commercial rates on a regular basis.

Our Multi-unit residential Rate Selection Service allows us to regularly analyze and optimize the best Ontario electricity price plan option for a variety of accounts and locations across the province. Using En-Pro’s own statistical models we can determine the optimal rate for each account and with pre-approved authorization, direct the utilities accordingly.


En-Pro utilizes proprietary tools to monitor and track energy usage and spend across each of our client’s sites, facilities, and utility accounts. This data is paired with market insight derived from our forecasting tools to develop accurate purchasing strategies and budget projections which assist our clients in short and long-term planning.

Detailed, customized, transparent reports are provided to simplify the complexities of the energy markets which enhances our client’s decision-making process.

Performance Reporting

We report the results of all actions taken so that clients can measure performance with each of our strategies and recommendations. Transparency is key to measuring results and proving our value to clients.

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