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Natural Gas strategies to meet your budget and sustainability objectives

We determine each of our client’s risk tolerance goals, and complete a thorough review of all current supply arrangements. Through this process we determine the best supply alternative and utility rate tariff option, which is then presented in a detailed procurement strategy and plan of action.

Executing the best supply arrangement is only the start. We handle everything from negotiation to execution, which means the client will always be in the best possible position.

Our service guides the arrangement of supply contracts with reputable suppliers, navigates the on-boarding process and provides ongoing market intelligence to enable our clients to make educated procurement decisions. To this end, we develop customized natural gas purchasing strategies, based on in-depth analysis of market fundamentals and proprietary forecasting models, as well as individual client needs.

We follow market signals to coordinate natural gas supply transactions that are precisely timed, ensuring that contractual requirements are met and that price offers are not inflated with unreasonable margins.

Natural gas volume balancing assistance is also provided, by managing purchases and sales of natural gas quantities, as required, to avoid utility penalties and to take advantage of opportunities in the market in a constantly changing industry.

We then keep clients apprised of pertinent events and changing regulations. We also assist with consumption forecasting, rate structure analysis, budgeting, monthly bill verification and contract performance reporting.

Moving forward, we work to ensure that: Pricing strategies are developed to mitigate risks for future periods; Volume balancing is managed directly with the supplier; Performance is tracked through regular reporting; Annual budgets are prepared and updated.


En-Pro utilizes proprietary tools to monitor and track energy usage and spend across each of our client’s sites, facilities, and utility accounts. This data is paired with market insight derived from our forecasting tools to develop accurate purchasing strategies and budget projections which assist our clients in short and long-term planning.

Detailed, customized, transparent reports are provided to simplify the complexities of the energy market which enhances our client’s decision-making process.

Performance Reporting

We report the results of all actions taken so that clients can measure performance with each of our strategies and recommendations. Transparency is key to measuring results and proving our value to clients.

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