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Manufacturing companies rely on En-Pro's objective and proven strategies to maintain control of their energy portfolio. From electricity, natural gas, water, carbon and conservation, En-Pro is the go-to source for leading-edge information and programs to reduce costs, maintain budget stability, and ensure sustainability guidelines are met. Some specific programs our manufacturing clients use are as follows:

  • Electricity Procurement Strategies for Open Market Regions: Open market regions, including Alberta and Ontario as well as many jurisdictions in the United States, have pricing that fluctuates minute by minute based on supply and demand. En-Pro's data-driven energy strategies ensure that pricing positions are presented that are aligned with each client's risk tolerance to ensure that budgets are protected.
  • Ontario Class A Services and Demand Management: En-Pro's Ontario Class A Peak Prediction Services provides key alerts using En-Pro's exclusive statistical models that determine in advance when demand responses will be needed. This gives our clients ample time to minimize their load, thus lowering their Global Adjustment charges.
  • Natural Gas Procurement: Natural gas Prices fluctuate daily on the open market, which can be disastrous for manufacturers with tight margins and heavy competition, both at home and internationally. Fluctuating energy rates can easily eliminate profit if risk management strategies are not in place. En-Pro offers a fully managed natural gas program to protect our client’s budget while ensuring costs are minimized.
  • Budgeting: En-Pro utilizes proprietary tools to monitor and track energy usage and spend across our client's sites and utility accounts. This data is paired with market insight derived from our forecasting tools to develop accurate purchasing strategies and budget projections that help our clients in both short- and long-term planning. Budgeting can be tailored to each client's business type, whether they be heavy or light manufacturing, warehousing, food storage, food processing, mining, agricultural, forestry products or laboratories. We track energy costs and spend across multiple variables to ensure that each client has the metrics needed to meet their key performance indicators.
  • Water: Water has become one of the highest utility costs for many manufacturers. While rates are usually regulated, monitoring is essential to ensure undetected leaks are not causing significant financial losses. En-Pro and its water management partners have developed a Smart Water Management Program that provides both monitoring and leak detection services and water conservation technologies to ensure water does not become an out-of-control cost.
  • EV Charging: The large increase in electric vehicles on the roads has presented unique challenges to our multi-unit residential, hospitality, and commercial clients. As many tenants, guests, and customers will now require charging stations, EV charging has become a necessity to remain competitive. We work directly with our clients to find the right EV charging solution for them. This includes supplier sourcing, engineering, installation, and government subsidies.
  • Sustainability – Carbon Inventory: Environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility are key areas of concern for many property management firms. The trusted carbon partners we work with can review the steps involved in measuring your carbon impact, which are the starting points for establishing a GHG plan. We can also help you explore a variety of green energy options, renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets that meet your needs.
  • Conservation: En-Pro has established strategic partnerships with leading suppliers of conservation and demand management solutions. These include Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration), Lighting Technologies, Energy Storage, Demand Response, Solar, Government Rebates and Incentives, and a vast array of water monitoring and conservation technologies.
  • Energy Star Reporting: EEnergy, Water, GHG, and Waste Reporting and Benchmarking is a requirement for many types and sizes of buildings. En-Pro provides reporting and verification services to ensure they are Energy Star compliant.

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