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Educational Facilities Case Study

Private Boarding School

This client is an independent school for students between Senior Kindergarten and Grade Twelve. Their 35-acre facility includes multiple ice pads, a fitness complex, tennis courts and a swimming pool. They are recognized as leaders and innovators in studies of politics, finance, arts, athletics, media and beyond.

The Challenge

The customer qualified for, and applied to register for a provincial rebate program. We discovered unusually high electricity costs during our scheduled cost and usage review.

An error was found where the electricity account ceased receiving a regulated electricity rebate that was applicable to their unique classification.

The Solution

We followed up with the utility, and it was determined that the eligibility form submitted was inadequately completed. Through persistence it was determined that the utility followed up to notify the customer of the error but submitted their follow up to an email address that did not match the address provided in the submission form.

After completing the form correctly, we resubmitted all required details to the utility on the customers behalf.

We escalated this issue and presented the evidence to the utility

The Result

The utility eventually accepted the new submission as complete, so the customer started to receive the credit. We then began negotiations with the utility and as a result, a retroactive credit equal to $275,000 was provided by utility.

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